Yellow Orchids

Sophrolaeliocattleya Golden Acclaim 'Richella' Orchid
Sophrolaeliocattleya Golden Acclaim 'Richella'

Hi everyone! Today I decided to show you a selection of the yellow orchids that have already bloomed on the balcony of the apartment. Curiously, most of them are hybrid orchids, a category I confess to appreciate very much. Still, I miss some more species in my collection.

Let´s get started with Sophrolaeliocattleya Golden Acclaim 'Richella', a compact yellow orchid with relatively large flowers. Since its arrival at the apartment, it has been blossoming uninterruptedly, several times a year. In addition, this orchid is usually very generous, being able to emit up to 5 flowers in the same pseudobulb.

Also in this yellow coloring, we have the famous dancing ladies orchids, very popular within the public in general. In this category I would like to mention Oncidium Aloha 'Iwanaga', Oncidium Twinkle 'Yellow Fantasy' and Oncidium pumilum, now Lophiaris pumila.

Oncidium Twinkle 'Yellow Fantasy' Orchid
Oncidium Twinkle 'Yellow Fantasy'

Another yellow orchid worth mentioning is Potinara Burana Beauty 'Burana', quite floriferous and showy. This is another hybrid that usually blooms more than once a year. Here in the apartment, it adapted very well, presenting a vigorous growth. The only problem is that it is a frequent victim of pests, especially scales.

I have controlled infestations of this kind with manual removal and by spraying them with a water solution with cooking oil and neutral liquid detergent.

Potinara Burana Beauty 'Burana' Orchid
Potinara Burana Beauty 'Burana'

This hybrid orchid of the genus Cymbidium, represented in the photo below, have flowers in a very soft yellow coloration, almost cream, depending on the light. The contrasting wine lip is very charming.

Hybrid Cymbidium orchid

Of course, talking about Orchids in Apartment, we should present a yellow micro orchid. The Masdevallia Angel Frost bellow is a miniature hybrid, quite delicate, with exotic and elegant blooms. This plant enjoys mild climates, shaded locations, with plenty of moisture. For this reason, its survival on the balcony of the apartment is often at risk.

Masdevallia Angel Frost Orchid
Masdevallia Angel Frost

Finally, a yellow orchid that is not very assiduous here in the apartment, but which deserves to be mentioned. It is Dendrobium Stardust 'Chiyomi', a hybrid that also exists in other colors. Due to my difficulty in applying a water stress, a procedure that consists in reducing watering during the winter, I usually spend a few years without seeing the flowering of this orchid.

Luckily, in the year 2016, this beautiful yellow orchid showed up and ended up appearing in a prestigious Brazilian newspaper, O Estado de São Paulo.

Dendrobium Stardust 'Chiyomi' Orchid
Dendrobium Stardust 'Chiyomi'

Certainly, this is not a complete list of yellow orchids, since I have a fair small collection. But this is a flower color I admire a lot and it is a pleasure to show you a few of them. Over time, I intend to acquire some other orchids and, if all goes well, I return to increase this compilation.

A translation of this article to Portuguese can be read in the link: Orquídeas Amarelas.